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Our Way of Life

Programming, Projects & Community Support

Our Way of Life encompasses a vast array of topics, skills, knowledge, practices and ways of being that enhance our strength and vitality. By focusing on Our Way of Life we hope to provide regular opportunities and seasonal events that foster the practice and learning of our traditional, cultural and modern ways of being that are specific to the Hoonah Tlingit culture. Through partnership and collaboration, Huna Heritage Foundation seeks to facilitate meaningful opportunities to cultivate the knowledge and skills of our shareholders and descendants.Please look for event information in HTC shareholder newsletters and emails, announcements on Facebook and bulletin boards.

Our Way of Life Activities 

Community Events

Community Classes

Clan Workshops

Community Artists & Scholars

Culture Camps

Huna Heritage Foundation recognizes the importance of community contributions. If you have an activity or event that is aligned with and in support of our mission, please complete an application for consideration of a financial donation.

Community Donations & Contributions

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