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Board Of Trustees

The HHF Board of Trustees support the work of Huna Heritage Foundation and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. In December, 2017 the board decided to increase the membership from five to seven trustees. HHF Trustees are committed to continuing to strengthen and develop our organization as we strive to better serve shareholders and descendants.

Anthony Lindoff


William "Ozzie" Sheakley

Vice Chairman

Mary Peterson


Gordon Greenwald


Bertha Franulovich


Valarie Veler



Angela Michaud, DC


The HHF staff promote and support the mission, vision and values of Huna Heritage Foundation under the guidance and direction of the HHF Board of Trustees.

Amelia Wilson

Executive Director

Rebekah Contreras Photo.jpg
Rebekah Contreras

Executive Assistant

Jeff Skaflestad

Community Specialist

Hoonah Veteran’s Committee

The Hoonah Veteran’s Committee began as part of the IMLS Enhancement Grant, “Honoring Our History through Story.” Under this project, HHF sought the guidance of Hoonah veterans to ensure the interview process, protocols and procedures honored each veterans service. The overwhelmingly positive outcomes and impact of this project led HHF to pass a resolution at the request of our Hoonah Veteran’s Committee members to make it a standing committee to guide efforts of supporting and celebrating our Hoonah Veterans beyond the life of our history project. Please visit the Huna Heritage Digital Archives to listen to the veteran’s interviews on their military experience and their service to our country.

Huna Heritage Foundation Strategic Plan

In December 2019, HHF hired an outside consultant to assist with strategic planning, including the development of a new mission and vision. The HHF strategic plan outlines our cultural and educational priorities as we seek to strengthen and advance programmatically and operationally.  To view the 2020 Strategic Plan please follow this link 

Huna Heritage Endowment

ACF Logo- Red_ Blk Tx.jpg

In February 2020, Huna Heritage Foundation established an agency endowment at The Alaska Community Foundation to ensure Huna Heritage has a stable and sustainable future. The purpose of this fund is to support the work of the Huna Heritage Foundation to fulfill our mission to, “Enrich our way of life in perpetuity.” Today, we are growing that endowment to ensure that our donors’ donations continue to make a difference in our community forever.


Your gift today will be invested by The Alaska Community Foundation and will earn returns every year from the moment you make it. That means, a gift of $100 today is a gift of $5 every year and a gift of $1000 today is a gift of $50 every year in perpetuity to Huna Heritage Foundation.


A bequest in your will or estate plan to the Huna Heritage Endowment Fund is another way to give. Your gift at the end of your life will be a legacy that allows fulfillment of the mission to enrich our way of life in perpetuity.


Instead of only focusing on meeting our funding needs today, we are focusing on being here tomorrow. By establishing an endowment, we are building a source of revenue that will support the mission to, “Enrich Our Way of Life in perpetuity.”


We want to be thoughtful in the use of our donors’ resources. Instead of spending our time managing investments and dealing with endowment administrative needs, we are working to actively foster and support educational and cultural opportunities for shareholders and descendants. The Alaska Community Foundation provides professional investment expertise, manages our endowment, files the tax returns and distributes the income from our endowment. Ensure Huna Heritage Foundation is here for the benefit of current and future shareholders and descendants.


Please consider making a gift to our endowment.

To make a donation now to the Huna Heritage Endowment, please visit our page on the Alaska Community Foundation website at  Donations can also be made by check or money order payable to “The Alaska Community Foundation – Huna Heritage Endowment Fund” and mailed to The Alaska Community Foundation, 3201 C Street, Suite 110, Anchorage, AK 99503.


To make a bequest in your will or estate plan to Huna Heritage Endowment Fund, talk with your estate planning attorney or contact Amelia Wilson, Executive Director, at 907-789-8582 or email at Or Elizabeth Miller at The Alaska Community Foundation, 907-249-6611 or email her at

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