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Interns Connect with their Culture


Once again the summer months for HHF revolve around organizing, collecting, digitizing, duplicating and cataloging media and materials that are housed in the HHF archives. Interns help with inventorying media and printed materials and log metadata on video and audio. Transcriptions of oral histories are a continuing project that HHF is able to involve the interns with as it familiarizes them with Tlingit elders, clan leaders and community members.  Intern Katelyn Savland expressed her enthusiasm and appreciation to the HTC Intern Program for the opportunity to work in the HHF Archives:

My name is Katelyn Savland, my Tlingit name Kaach Kei .Eee, I’m T’akdeintaan from Mt. Fairweather house. Working with Huna Heritage Foundation was the cultural highlight of my second year internship experience at Huna Totem Corporation. It broadened my knowledge of my Tlingit people as I transcribed historical interviews of my elders. It was personally significant to me because I was able to confirm my Tlingit name, which was lost in translation, while transcribing an interview with my great Aunt Hilda See.

She spoke to Frank O. Williams about my Aunt Charlotte and Charlotte’s Tlingit name which was given to me. To have that verification finally felt outstanding! Not only am I helping a part of my corporation by keeping culture and traditions alive but they are helping me as well. Gunalche’esh Huna Heritage Foundation in supporting me and giving me the opportunity to connect to and learn from my Tlingit culture.







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