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HTC 40th Anniversary


I want to thank the HTC Board of Directors & Management for holding the 40th Anniversary Celebration in Hoonah. The event was well attended and I enjoyed visiting with both the Juneau and Hoonah sharehlders as well as many community members. It has been my honor and pleasure to have helped in the achievement of the passage of ANCSA by the U.S. Congress and for HTC, with our Ancestors and Cldanceran leaders.

To have served on the original Interim Board and the first elected Board with Ernest HIllman, James jack, Sr., Frank O. Williams, Jr., and the other leaders who are no longer with us, was a real honor. To have helped do our land selection, that we still own, 40 years later, with Frank See, Sr., Andrew Johnnie, Trudy Wolfe, Leo Houston Sr. and Jim Austin was a learning experience for me. I would thank all of them for their dedication to the people of Hoonah and their hard work as HTC Board of Directors. We will have a legacy for future generations.

The people that have served as Board Members of HTC over the past 40 years deserve our gratitude for keeping the Corporation strong and protecting our land as well as supporting the preservation of our culture.


Marlene Johnson

HHF Board President



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